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Peter Koning Touring the USA from Australia with his right hand drive 36 Chevy Hot Rod

I met Peter this weekend and his 36 Chevy at the Dawsonville Georgia Moonshine Festival this week end, here is the beginning of his story. Miguel Caparros editor South East Wheels Events.

by Peter Koning


Good to meet you at the Moonshine show on …

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Run 4 the Sun Cruise to Ocala

I wrote this article last year for our club newsletter. I thought I would put it out here for all to see. It is a great show, and a lot of fun. The Mopars are the best, they have a great swap meet, car corral and just a great show. I am going again this year and would love to see more people from other Mopar clubs there.

Run 4 the Sun Cruise to Ocala

By Linda… Continue

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A car show where the cars also go fast!

If you have never been to a Vintage event you are in for a pleasant surprise. You will see one of a kind museum cars that come out and race hard. This LeMans Rothmans Porsche was wrecked after I shot this photo. The car is so valuable it will be rebuilt.

The cars that the owners and crews bring in as support vehicles are a show onto themselves. This cadillac drove down from Virginia.…


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In Paradise at Paradise Dragstrip "The short story of me"

Figured I would throw out a lil' info about me and what I love to do. I started my motorhead years at the young age of 5 when I worked on my brothers Ford truck , well...I slipped the fan belt on anyhow haha. And eventually got the smell of burnt rubber later on in his roller motor fox body...better than a roller coaster at the time lol . As the years passed I purchased my 1st real car, a 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 with a 289, that I punished beyond belief when I first got her...considering it…


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brother hurt on bike

my younger brother alexis ran into a deer on his road king
in western new york

fri nite on way home from work multiple injuries
luckly he was riding with others and quick response
he made it to hospital were he will be for a couple of months
prayers are appreciated

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Steve Saleen

Steve Saleen will be at the Georgia Regional Mustang Clubs 2nd Annual Pioneer Mustang and Ford show this Sunday the 3rd. He will be signing autographs as well as John Chlor from Ford.

Saleen formed Saleen Autosport in 1983 and set to building the first Saleen Mustang, equipped with special aerodynamic, suspension and handling packages and a completely

redesigned interior. The car was completed in…


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Beer Trucks Photos

My friend Mustang Charliesent this to me tonight. It really brought back some memories. I liked the song, too. Try it out and enjoy. OldBeerTrucks (NXPowerLite).pps
Mike Thies

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Fall Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, TN

Did you go? If not, why? It's one of the biggest car shows in this area every year!

We went up Saturday and hit the strip about 5pm. I saw a lot of cars that have been there before...and people from all over. We saw plates not only from Tennessee but from Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, Washington and even Montana!

The traffic was bumper to bumper but we didn't mind at all...the cruising is what it's…

Added by Diana Allen on September 21, 2010 at 6:00pm — 3 Comments

Fast and Furious Friday night @ Lainer speedway

We went to see the Fast and Furious friday night at lainer speedway and had a blast. Some of our friends came up and they said it was amazing, with a infeild pass you can get up close to the action. Watching the drift guys slide thier cars sideways around the track, spectator racing, and the spectater drag racing there is something for all to see there. This month I won the drag racing and even got to make some new friends. It is nice to go to and take the whole family. You can see just…


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Foxbody Owners in Gwinnett County

Hey guys if you own a foxbody in or near gwinnett county ga you should come to the sonic off of Riverside parkway on thursdays. Its usually over 100 cars there (mainly ricers) but you know they cant keep the horses out of the stable. Right now its only me and my buddy that bring our foxes out there but we would like more to join us so come on out!

Added by Curtis Parker on September 17, 2010 at 12:11am — 2 Comments

Covers pulled off 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS - Press Release

Check out the Press Release for Porsche USA - Basically it is the most powerful Porsche legally allowed one public roads - 90 more ho and and over 150 lbs less that any…

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Twisted Tavern Sept. 4/10

I was amazed at the many wonderful people, but mostly the welcoming hearts today at the show. Im humbled to have met many new friends and fellow car enthusiast's over in that area. Off course as if that wasn't enough i was able to visit the many cars on the parking lot with nothing but excitement. Met a few owners, cracked a few jokes, and became more excited when i was invited to the next car show.. Now that feeling summed up into one giant feeling is better than birthday gifts and or… Continue

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Something Special

When I first got my GT a couple months ago it was mostly stock except for a few minor modifications. Over the next few years I plan on beefing her up to around 500 horsepower with a brand new engine and upgraded components to handle all of the power. I will either go with a DART block or the Boss 302 block for my engine swap just in case I want to go with forced induction either of those blocks would be able to withstand the pressure. Apart from the engine I also want to do a 5-lug conversion… Continue

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As you can tell from my pics, that im a born mopar lover. to me, they are the best and the most badass machines on the street or strip.

As you can tell from my pics, that im a born mopar lover. to me, they are the best and the most badass machines on the street or strip. Continue

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In 1961 General Motors Introduced a 215 cubic inch all aluminum V8 for the new compacts from Buick,Oldsmobile and Pontiac. The Skylark, F85 and Tempest models were available with an economic low compression 2 barrel version of the new engine that had a…


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Porsche Is On The Hunt! Do You Have The Oldest Porsche In The US?


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"It's Cruising Time"

"It's Cruising Time" is the headline on the front page of our local newspaper today.

If you were a teenager in central North Carolina in the 80's (or the 60's and 70's from what I hear), you spent A LOT of your free time "cruising" or "dragging" Main Street in Burlington. It was our way of showing off our cars, playing our music, hanging…


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Black Diamond Motor Sports New Ford GT

Black Diamond Motor Sports is pleased to announce the recent procurement of a beautiful 2005 Ford GT! This rare exotic is truly one of the most amazing road cars ever produced, and we are one of the only clubs in the country that has one. With only 4038 examples produced between 2005 and 2006, the chances of getting behind the wheel of one of these is an opportunity that should not be missed, so don?t miss yours.

For those history buffs…


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Car Crazy in the Southeast!

The collector car hobby in the South is in full force from mid-March to late November, and it's exciting to be a part of all the activity in the area! On any given day, your bound to drive upon a cruise-in at a local restaurant, ice cream store or downtown venue. Each event has a unique style or method for creating a great car event with various activities for the young and young at heart.

A cruise-in has a unique atmosphere drawing together a group of classic car owners and… Continue

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MECA Sizzles at "The Vinny"

Lebanon, Tennessee

July 11, 2010…


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