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Recreating a photo of your car

Have you ever wanted to recreate a picture of a past car you owned? With Photoshop and some effort it can be done. When I was eighteen I bought a stock 1955 Ford Customline, but it didn’t stay that way for long. Very shortly it had a four barrel carb installed on the 272 V8, a floor shifter for the three speed overdrive, dual exhaust and coils cut for a 60s style dropped front.  Sadly I didn’t keep any pictures of the car but by using Photoshop I was able to recreate the 55 and the memories…


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NHTSA’s 2011 Crash Test Results Place BMW 5 Series and Hyundai Sonata Miguel Caparros


Back in October of 2010 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a new set of

standards for crash safety, raising the bar for the coveted 5 Star

rating by a considerable amount. Initially some 2010 models that did

get a 5 star rating under the old rules did not fair well. The new

crop of vehicles designed with the tougher standards in mind are

doing much better. See the bottom of…


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The Classic Car Show - Radio Sandy Springs - American Web Radio

The Classic Car Show

Listen to the Classic Car show with Steve Rinaldo and Jim Weber every week. If you're into classic cars, cars with running boards, then you'll love this show. Every Saturday with your…


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Tis The Season - Check Out Goodmark's Giftcard Idea

‘Tis the season…what gifts can I find for all the gear heads in my family and for friends who have all the tools ever imagined? I am excited as I have discovered that one of my favorite car parts company has come out with a Giftcard for this year's Holidays. Goodmark Industries has provided us the highest quality parts, sheet metal, and trim for classic car restoration for last 20 years! What a great gift for the hobbyist this year!…


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My pick of the week from Ebay If i hit the lotery this car would be in my garage.

1956 Austin Healey

1956 Austin Healey M blown Gurney Weslake GT40 Racer

Austin Healey

The best Healeys produced were the 1953-56 BN2's. They were the true racing body with the way cool windshield that folds…

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The last Avenue at Cobb Sunday is the December fifth. Did anyone else hear that? And that the tenants say they get no benefit, except the coffee place.

The last Avenue at Cobb Sunday is the December fifth. Did anyone else hear that?

And that the tenants say they get no benefit, except the coffee place.We shop there and my wife spends a lot of money there. The event lets a lot of people get familar with the location. They don't know when they have a good-no-great thing. Most businesses would die for promotions that draw that many high income qualified customers. Couldn't you figure a way to capitalize. There has not been one store flyer… Continue

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Reds Auto Salvage

Reds Auto Salvage by Hugh Dudley (a short story) C2010

The old saying "You can never go back" is true in most senses, but not in this case. You see...when I was just a young teenager building my first car, there was a place called Reds Auto Salvage....or just Reds for short. He had all kinds of neat stuff dating back into the late 30's and that made it a wonderland to a guy like me. Old Red was kind of a grumpy type fella.....if he didn't like you,... you were doomed, but if…


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Day 2, Run for the Sun Cruise, Ocala, Floria

Yesterday turned out to be a great day for a car show, little windy, but the sun was shining on the beautiful cars. There was 236 cars, all Mopars, now does it get any better, probably not!!.....Challengers, Chargers, Coronets, oh my!!!!!, blue, green, orange, pink, fushia, plum crazy, they were all there. There was an amazing Fury, purple convertable, boy was it pretty. I'm a huge Challenger fan, and they were there plentiful. New ones and old ones. WOW!!! The swap meet was busy,…


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Quilt Trails Road Rally

Come spend the day in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, driving the secret backroads where the REAL scenery is. The Quilt Trails Road Rally will take you places you would never go otherwise and you will be glad when you see how spectacular the scenery is. The painted quilt blocks you will be looking for are colorful and all have a great story behind them. You can buy a Tour Guide for 9 different trails at the Quilt Trails Gift Shop at the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce which…


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Day One, Run For The Fun Ocala, Florida

Morning Mopar Fans....

What a better way to start a trip then to meet at 7:30am....well there we were ready to get on the road...there is nothing better then to see a line of some of the best cars there ever were, with a police escort. Whew, I still am in awe of seeing this, of course I got to be in the line with off we go at 8:00am, into the sunrise, ready to meet up with other mopar guys. We took the back roads to the highway, it's so cool to see the countryside,…


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Peter Koning Touring the USA from Australia with his right hand drive 36 Chevy Hot Rod

I met Peter this weekend and his 36 Chevy at the Dawsonville Georgia Moonshine Festival this week end, here is the beginning of his story. Miguel Caparros editor South East Wheels Events.

by Peter Koning


Good to meet you at the Moonshine show on …

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Run 4 the Sun Cruise to Ocala

I wrote this article last year for our club newsletter. I thought I would put it out here for all to see. It is a great show, and a lot of fun. The Mopars are the best, they have a great swap meet, car corral and just a great show. I am going again this year and would love to see more people from other Mopar clubs there.

Run 4 the Sun Cruise to Ocala

By Linda… Continue

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A car show where the cars also go fast!

If you have never been to a Vintage event you are in for a pleasant surprise. You will see one of a kind museum cars that come out and race hard. This LeMans Rothmans Porsche was wrecked after I shot this photo. The car is so valuable it will be rebuilt.

The cars that the owners and crews bring in as support vehicles are a show onto themselves. This cadillac drove down from Virginia.…


Added by Doctor Stig on October 14, 2010 at 9:24am — 1 Comment

In Paradise at Paradise Dragstrip "The short story of me"

Figured I would throw out a lil' info about me and what I love to do. I started my motorhead years at the young age of 5 when I worked on my brothers Ford truck , well...I slipped the fan belt on anyhow haha. And eventually got the smell of burnt rubber later on in his roller motor fox body...better than a roller coaster at the time lol . As the years passed I purchased my 1st real car, a 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 with a 289, that I punished beyond belief when I first got her...considering it…


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brother hurt on bike

my younger brother alexis ran into a deer on his road king
in western new york

fri nite on way home from work multiple injuries
luckly he was riding with others and quick response
he made it to hospital were he will be for a couple of months
prayers are appreciated

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Steve Saleen

Steve Saleen will be at the Georgia Regional Mustang Clubs 2nd Annual Pioneer Mustang and Ford show this Sunday the 3rd. He will be signing autographs as well as John Chlor from Ford.

Saleen formed Saleen Autosport in 1983 and set to building the first Saleen Mustang, equipped with special aerodynamic, suspension and handling packages and a completely

redesigned interior. The car was completed in…


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Beer Trucks Photos

My friend Mustang Charliesent this to me tonight. It really brought back some memories. I liked the song, too. Try it out and enjoy. OldBeerTrucks (NXPowerLite).pps
Mike Thies

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Fall Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, TN

Did you go? If not, why? It's one of the biggest car shows in this area every year!

We went up Saturday and hit the strip about 5pm. I saw a lot of cars that have been there before...and people from all over. We saw plates not only from Tennessee but from Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, Washington and even Montana!

The traffic was bumper to bumper but we didn't mind at all...the cruising is what it's…

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Fast and Furious Friday night @ Lainer speedway

We went to see the Fast and Furious friday night at lainer speedway and had a blast. Some of our friends came up and they said it was amazing, with a infeild pass you can get up close to the action. Watching the drift guys slide thier cars sideways around the track, spectator racing, and the spectater drag racing there is something for all to see there. This month I won the drag racing and even got to make some new friends. It is nice to go to and take the whole family. You can see just…


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