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Barry Grant/ Demon Carbs closes down

 As of Feb.18, 2011 Barry Grant and the related companies has filed chapter 7 and closed up shop. For the folks that don't know , they made performance carburators and fuel system components . Seems the economy is taking a bite out of everybody.

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For all you LBC guys......MG..Triumph....Healey


 I just got word that Atlanta Imported Parts over in Decatur has closed the doors. Most of you in the Atlanta area know it was the mecca of LBC parts & pieces. This is going to leave a large void in the used LBC parts market. The only recourse now if your restoring an LBC or trying to keep one on the road seems to be aquiring a parts car. If someone knows of another LBC salvage yard around I'm sure everyone else would like to know. Some of the stuff isn't repopped so a used item…


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Reds Auto Salvage

Reds Auto Salvage by Hugh Dudley (a short story) C2010

The old saying "You can never go back" is true in most senses, but not in this case. You see...when I was just a young teenager building my first car, there was a place called Reds Auto Salvage....or just Reds for short. He had all kinds of neat stuff dating back into the late 30's and that made it a wonderland to a guy like me. Old Red was kind of a grumpy type fella.....if he didn't like you,... you were doomed, but if…


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