A car show to remember! I got to give a shout out to Denise Cronin and The Creepers Car Club our hosts for the StreetSide Classics Kick Off to Summer 2017 Car Show. It was an excellent event, 200 plus cars, some of the premier cars in the Atlanta metro circuit attended everybody who was anybody or they were missed. We had food, drinks and even ice cream. We had a couple of special guests who are near and dear to my heart,

The Gift of Love, who sponsor school children in need. Ever seen a kid, one of the kids from your neighborhood hungry and cold? Truth is they will never complain, but the school counselors know. That is 20 schools 556 children and that is just during the average day, during the holidays, they help 1000 children with food, back packs, hygiene bags, clothes socks, underwear. During November the collect coats. You want to help out or your car club is trying to find a program to assist during the holidays? For More Information Click Here  Look for a lady named Brenda Kirk, tell her that you heard that she could use some help. They are 503c. You’ll sleep good that night and some kid won’t have to go to bed hungry.

We also were honored by The Cadets from the U. S. Naval Sea Corp program. These young people aged 10-17 who have started early, learning leadership skills for a career in the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard, they participate in training programs such as SCUBA, field and medical training, police science and sailing and it sounds like they have a good time doing it. You and the young person in your life can find out more information at For More Information Click Here ask for Lt. Golden

I took a tour of the StreetSide Classics, all the muscle cars I ever wanted to see, Super Bees, Roadrunners, Camaro’s, Corvettes and yes, one 1966 Mustang, the Bullet Car. It was white with blue racing stripes, but still it is there in all its glory. StreetSide Classics has a variety of classic automobiles antiques, VW campers, Jeeps and trucks all beautiful in every way. You can check some of my favorites on the South East Wheel Events website, under FEATURED ALBUMS, just look for the StreetSide flyer Click Here

As many of you know, we have the Peachtree Corners Festival and car Show happening this weekend June 10 and 11. This is no ordinary car show but it is a party, live music, kid’s shows, vendors, more food than you can eat, bouncy houses and even clowns. This car show has always enjoyed a wide variety of cars and motorcycles. I have seen dragsters, SWAT vehicles and we even had a Classic Fire Truck enter last year, fully restored and operational. I will tell you that the Honorable Mike Thies will be the presiding judge, so we not only can we expect the best judging but folks, it better be right, no cheap awards this weekend, only the best will take home the trophy .  For More Information Click Here

If you are a racing fan, Road Atlanta is the place to be in October The Motul Petit Leman’s will be celebrating an anniversary there and I guarantee if you like fast tracks you will not be disappointed. I also want to take a moment to extend my condolences to the Road Atlanta family, last weekend, during a motorcycle event there was an accident and Hazel Harrell, a fixture monitoring Turn 7 was taken from us. Our prayers go out to the Harrell and the Road Atlanta family.

It is an honor and a pleasure to write this column. I will always try to give you the news covering the events in our area, anything on wheels, who’s who and current events. Thank You. May the sunshine and the trophies be many, until next time-Lee

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