Green Replacement Straws for Gear Heads - Its a great idea!

Here is a great idea for gear heads, for all pros and especially us amateurs! It is pretty simple but we have all been there! I lose them all the time. I am talking about the focus straws that come on aerosol lubricants and paint cans.  The red straws that come with the products are taped to the side and often fall off and get lost; especially the ones I keep in my tool box.

Trying to use the cans without the straws is messy and when I am getting ready to show a car.  I need the focus straw in order to not have to clean up over spray!  This last weekend we were at the Great American Motorcycle Show at the North Atlanta Trade Center David Jessien and I met from  He has patented a glowing green straw and sells them in blister packs of ten at outlets all over the world. Keep you eye out for them!

I bought some and handed them out at one of my club meetings and everyone was scrambling to get one. All most everyone said they have at least one can in their shop with no straw!  One thing that is very cool is the bright color so when it is dropped, it stands out better than the red ones, even in dark spots! I have known folks to go out and buy a new aerosol just so they can a new straw!

Contact me, Mike Thies at 770-883-0160 or send me a message here on to get hooked up. You can email David at AutoStraw directly  This is a great idea!

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