I am a new member and would like to introduce myself and my vehicle to everyone. First, I would like to say that I am proud to be welcomed to your "World Of Wheels". I know that there is a lot of "Heart" and monies, that go into these machines. I own a 2008 Honda Element, "Grass Green", in color. It is a standard model, no frills, bells, nor whistles. I chose this particular one because I liked the color. So, I am at a store shopping, and happened across some 2ft. by, ify plastic decals of the Charector "Scoobie Doo". They are simply a film, and not stickers, so I thought to myself, self, These would look pretty sweet on the car, and were removable if not. So, one thing lead to another, and now four years later it is finally taking shape as I had envisioned.

             I have also a web site for disabled children that I have had on line for a few years. The thrust of it is to take something to the children who are unable to travel otherwise cannot leave thier confines, i.e. hospitals, children's homes, and the like. I was raised in an orphanage, and so I know what it is to be isolated and seperated from family. If the children can only come to the window to view, I feel it would open up thier world in so many ways. Children, much like animals have a sense about them, to sense another's kind spirit. If they sense that an adult would "Come down to thier level" to bring them joy, then they remember, just as they might if they were harmed, that would too serve to shape thier relations in the future. One act of kindness can serve to erase a whole lot of bad memories.

             It is actually a daily accurance that Scoobie brings joy to the many others on the Southern California Freeways. It is a combination of the lifesize "Scoobie", contributed by my neice, Taylor, and the various adorable poses, eight in all, which really bring joy to most who encounter it. I am also disabled, and so have a very limited funds of which to spend on this car, I joke that it is spray paint, and a hot glue gun. I have painted the stock wheels a pleasant yellow, and have flower shaped, blue mirrors in the center. There is a small "Mystery Machine" on the dash, and as I drive, it appears that Shaggy and Scoobie are taking the same drive. I may be at end of room, but will update occasionally. Sincerely, Tim Coulter


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Comment by Timothy Coulter on April 1, 2012 at 8:07pm

I see, I had a hard time getting internet access in desert, just wanted to get word to someone of my not being able to make it, good to know, Tim

Comment by Michael Thies on March 11, 2012 at 3:27pm


Thanks for the great story.  We want to see more photos of the Scoobiemoblie.  Mike


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