“Hot Rodders of Tomorrow” has its schedule set for 2012 SEMA!


“Hot Rodders of Tomorrow” has its schedule set for 2012 SEMA!


The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge is an exciting program for high school students that sets teams of students from around the country against each other to see who can dismantle and reassemble a high-performance Chevy 350 engine in the shortest time using only hand tools. In addition to the timed element of the competition, the young mechanics are also judged for proper dismantling and reassembly.   In a few short years, the Challenge, with the help of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and numerous other sponsors, has grown to be one of the premier youth events at their huge annual event in Las Vegas. 


The spectator draw for the competition is compelling and exciting; watching these young people apply their skills. The action is so quick that there needs to be four judges for every five student team to keep track of the action.  Imagine up to four teams of four students in a process that models the tear down of engines between races at the major drag car events!  They disassemble identically prepared Chevy small block engines, compete with all the parts.  They are allowed only hand tools and are to use proper detorque and organized steps in disassembly.  When this is done and approved, the team then immediately returns from behind their bench line and puts it all back together!  Spectators are captivated watching the action!


The engines, when reassembled, are evaluated as if they should fire up and run if gas, water and oil were actually added.  The team with the fastest time, after any penalties minutes, wins the competition!   The pride and sense of accomplishment that the students experience is clearly seen; even in the teams that don’t win. Just being in the competition is a winning event. The students all walk away with some form of scholarship!   


SEMA is a huge trade association consisting of a diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishing companies, auto restorers, street rod builders, car clubs, race teams and more.  They are clearly invested in bringing talented young people along to fill the increasingly challenging technical jobs that support the automotive industry.   SEMA Members like Edelbrock and Winner’s Circle Speed Shops give sponsorship to the Hot Rodders Of Tomorrow.  It is impressive how including a little competition, stop watches, trophies, and scholarship money can change things! 


The competition this year starts on October 29 and goes through the Award Ceremony November 2, 2012! See the schedule, schools and sponsors on the charts here below.




If you are at SEMA please come by and join the crowd enjoying this remarkable events.  The location of the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow competition area at SEMA is outside in front, to the right of the main entrance next to "Meguiar's Car Crazy"!


For more information please fee free to contact Mike Thies www.GlobalWheelsEvents.com; mike@GlobalWheelsEvents.com, 770-883-0160

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