Matchless SS - 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible

Rare doesn't always equate to valuable, as this 1963 Impala SS convertible with a straight-six engine proves!

Photo Courtesy: Richard Lentinello Matchless SS - 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS convertible

Matchless SS - 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS convertible from Hemmings Classic Car

November, 2015 - Richard Lentinello

Yes, you read that headline correctly. This Impala SS convertible is powered by a straight-six engine--Chevrolet's tried-and-true 230 Turbo-Thrift overhead-valve six-cylinder. For far too long, enthusiasts have thought that an SS-equipped Impala meant that it was a high-performance model, but it wasn't. The SS package was simply a sporty decorative option and bucket seats, and not much more. More significantly, back in 1963 a buyer could order the SS's RPO Z03 package on any body style, be it a hardtop, convertible or sedan, with either the V-8 or straight-six. This black SS convertible is proof.

While most enthusiasts hold the 409-powered Impalas in high esteem, the opposite is true about those Impalas with two fewer cylinders. Because most of the six-cylinder-powered cars--having either been sent to the crusher or converted into V-8s by hot rodders, those base-level sixes that were once commonplace--are now the truly rare Impalas. Unfortunately, rarity doesn't always equate to desirable, or valuable. Thankfully, there are some enthusiasts who know rare cars when they see them, and take the time, effort and expense to restore them as authentically as possible, regardless of the powertrain.

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