Peach State Challengers Feb. C&O review


What can we say about this C&O meet? Just, Wow it was fantastic. Recently the venue sold under new management and a new location was announced shortly after. This was met with concern as many have made the pilgrimage for months/years to the Alpharetta location. Concern has also been brewing over the loss or non return of many of the classic enthusiast and the exotics over the past several meets. A final mention that was sent up as a reason for some of this “loss” was due to car clubs running amuck. Well some of us took this a little personal as long time supporters and decided that we were not going to be seen as part of the problem. Hell or high water, we were going to C&O to enjoy the offering the petro god’s had to offer and hope to be seen as part of a solution.

We followed the post and the creation of set guidelines/structure the new visionary released. We took part in the social discussions and had discussions amongst ourselves. More importantly we reached out to the c&o guys and asked what we could do to contribute to their vision of headlining c&o once again as the best damn auto show in the southeast. The table was now set, we haven’t eaten in 29 days since the rainout of the last gathering of fuel junkies and we had a new plan to present ourselves and our group as “supporting members” of c&o , we have never seen ourselves as “the show” rather we have viewed c&o as a awesome backdrop and reason for us to collectively gather. Kind of like taking your sweetheart to the county fair.

Peach State Challengers:
The group began to form at 6:00. Some drove further than before, new owners came out that we have never met, we playfully titled the collection as the hell cat edition as it was the day to meet our new HC member. Little did we know that she was 1 of the 3 that would be on the prowl but she stuck with us and by the conversation you would have thought she had been with us all along. The Challengers kept coming and the parking began to swell, one of our statesmen began to worry that some may end up parking in the mist of mustangs (lol). I believe the overall count of Challengers came to 36 on the safe side. New friends were made, new members were added, and even a few that are not part of the face book world shared email address as so to keep them abreast of future events.

Also this C&O gathering was followed by a 1st quarter B-day brunch at the newly founded c&o “cheese cake factory. How convenient was that….A great meal and a opportunity to laugh with instead of pecking “LOL” on your p.c. keyboard. A strange bald guy volunteered his services by singing happy birthday to a few of the PSC members (in his Marilyn Monroe style) actually creepy as hell but smiles, a goodtime & laughter was the payout and we all enjoyed.

Proud to be part of such wonderful group of people and congrats on doing it right. March C&O will be held the first Sunday of the month, a few will miss this one as there is a show they are attending in P.C. beach. There is no doubt that there will be many at C&O to meet and greet you if you don’t mind getting up early!

Thank you to C&O and the other gear heads for making this a great event this month. The lots were full…

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