Saving the World Two Strokes at a Time

Saving the World Two Strokes at a Time

This is no wimp engine.  
It's a two cylinder with four pistons delivering 300+ Horse Power
It's extremely small and very efficient and is presently in use in test applications
The configuration below is equivalent to a extremely ballsy four cylinder engine
When doubled, it's an extremely ballsy 600+ H.P. engine

It’s called OPOC (Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder), and it’s a turbocharged two-stroke, two-cylinder, with four pistons, two in each cylinder, that will run on gasoline, diesel or ethanol. The two pistons, inside a single cylinder, pump toward and away from each other, thus allowing a cycle to be completed twice as quickly as a conventional engine while balancing it's own loads.
The heavy liftdsing for this unconventional concept was performed Prof. Peter Hofbauer. During his 20 years at VW, Hofbauer headed up, among other things, development of VW’s first diesel engine and the VR6.
The OPOC has been in development for several years, and the company claims it’s 30 percent lighter, one quarter the size and achieves 50 percent better fuel economy than a conventional turbo diesel engine.

They’re predicting 100 MPG in a conventional car.
For a good demo, See:


Note: I didn't write this. I found it in an email from a dear friend and wanted to make sure my friends were aware of it. VW does it again, or at least a VW guy. My apology to the writer and I will gladly post credits where due, should he/she be made known. Thank you. M.Thies">

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