Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Switching to HID Headlights

Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Switching to HID Headlights

Reason #1:  Custom Colorization

Most halogen headlights only produce the basic headlight color you’re used to seeing as you drive down a highway or back road at night.  Chances are, however, that you’ve also noticed some brightly colored headlights that stand out more than most of the others.  HID headlights allow for custom colorization.  By selecting a color temperature in a wide spectrum (ranging from 3000K yellow headlights all the way up to 12000K vivid blue headlights), you can choose a color that perfectly fits your personal preference.  Best of all, the color temperature only corresponds to the hue produced by the lighting equipment.  The color temperature does not affect headlight brightness or effectiveness in any way.

Reason #2:  Improved Brightness and Longevity

HID headlights can last up to 10x longer than conventional halogen versions while also being up to 3x brighter.  On top of those notable steps up, HIDs also help to provide an increased range for your peripheral vision, which is particularly helpful at night while driving down dark, murky back roads with little or no on-road lighting.  Plus, with an ultramodern appearance, these new headlights are so bright that they look like they were made for luxury sports cars, which in a sense is true because BMWs were the first cars to come with optional HID upgrades by the manufacturer (in the early 1990s to boot).

Reason #3:  Enhanced Safety Measures

Headlights, first and foremost, are actually vehicular safety features.  Without effective headlights, a driver would be unable to see clearly and would therefore increase his risk of injury.  HIDs produce light that reflects better off of highway signage and critical road postings, meaning you’ll be less likely to miss an important notice as you’re approaching it.  Furthermore, HID light is more natural-appearing, resulting in reduced eye strain (quite helpful for nighttime driving when it’s easier to fall asleep behind the wheel).  For a more safe driving experience, the increased visual range and better light reflection provided by HIDs is a huge help, one that shouldn’t be overlooked simply because halogen headlights produce sufficient driving light.


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Comment by Jeff Rutherford on February 4, 2012 at 8:05pm

Another GOOD reason, is that they are REALLY BLINDING to others, on the highway. There are, already, TOO MANY drivers, with their headlight WAY above the legal height, and/or way too MANY headlights. These IDIOTS don't NEED any extra candlepower!


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